I have always considered homeschooling way back 2009 when my third son, Jan Alecksander aka U3 survived from sepsis. It is only during this summer that I have finally decided to homeschool the little ones. With so much push and motivation with my friend, I took this amazing journey. I had mixed emotions of fear and excitement, by the way. After reading so many success stories and learning about so many approaches, I proposed homeschooling for U3 and Yssay to hubby. Reluctant but supportive hubby said “Yes”.

So starting today, I am “Unschooling” Yssay and U3. Unschooling is natural, interest-led, and child-led learning approach where children learn from everyday life experiences and deviate structures in a regular school.  It is where children follow their interests and learn in much the same way as adults do—by pursuing an interest or curiosity. Though I am sure I won’t be exclusively unschooling, this will be my major approach to them.

Today, Yssay went to the wet market. We always bring her to the grocery but I believe she can learn more in the wet market. After, sending the two big brothers to school we went to the market to buy for a week’s eating. She didn’t like it at the pork and beef meat section. Always covering her nose because the place was “stinky”.

Her eyes grew big when we went to the fish section. She got excited looking at the different fishes and tried to touch them all! She got really amazed at the Bluefin Tuna and demanded that I took a picture of its head with her. She loved touching the slimy tilapia, explored its mouth and scales. She did not even complain when she accidentally fell into a hole full of mud.

She went to the livestock section and wanted to buy the goat and chicken. She always dreamed of having a barn full of pets and animals! We went home bringing with her a bunch of bananas. Her favorite fruit! Parents are happy she is looking forward to another market trip next time!